woensdag, februari 11, 2009

De geniale zet van paus Benedictus

Wie niet voor mij is, is tegen mij. Met de opheffing van de excommunicatie heeft paus Benedictus allen binnen de Kerk gedwongen positie in te nemen. Wie gaat er mee in de hervorming van de hervorming, in de uitleg van Vaticanum II in de lijn van de traditie? De afgelopen weken hebben getoond dat niet iedereen in de Kerk meegaat, meer zelfs dat zij die niet in volle communio zijn méér in het spoor van paus Benedictus zitten.

Ook rabbi Yehuda Levin heeft dit door. Hij schrijft: "Leftist Catholics Using Jews to Attack the Pope" en ""It has now become very clear, for all to see, the extreme danger that having some who hold high positions in the church seeking to destroy their own church and attack their own pope." He added: "The silver lining is that its now that the battle lines have been drawn." Lees hier meer.

Martin Mosebach, auteur van Häresie der Formlosigkeit. Die römische Liturgie und ihr Feind merkt terecht op:
"In the last few days it could be heard again and again that the Vatican is incapable of conveying its concerns to the public. It is certainly true that there would have been less excitement among those of good will if, for instance, one had emphasized at the lifting of the excommunications that Bishop Williamson remained suspended until further notice. But one cannot underestimate what black holes of ignorance have been created even in believing Catholics by more than thirty years of neglected religious instruction. These cannot be closed even by the cleverest public relations work. Regarding the pope, broad circles know only that he is for human rights and against condoms. It is happily declared that “the Church can’t return to before the Second Vatican Council.” Few, however, think about the contradictions and need for interpretation of the most important texts of this council. [Zie hier en hier]

Does anybody notice that the pope has acted exactly in accordance with the theology of the council in his magnanimous lifting of the excommunications? The restoration of the sacral visage of the church must remain for the majority of “worldly” observers foreign and incomprehensible. Probably only later generations will grasp that the restoration of liturgical identity was worth a great sacrifice. Building up is, after all, slower than tearing down.

Naturally, things could reach a point that the state and society lose the taste for tolerating within their borders a corporation, which visibly stands under a different law and defends values other than those of the secular majority. The coarseness of a chancellor in an election campaign gives us a foretaste. As was done under Bismarck, the accusation could be made against the Catholics that they are bad citizens of the state because their heart is ultramontane; it clings “over the mountains” to the pope and his authority."

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