maandag, oktober 07, 2013

Een ander geluid

"His [Pope Francis] is, at times, the conduct of a modern and informal manager, one of those who concede a great deal to the press. But this clinging to persons and things on the outside - collaborators, friends, press, public opinion, even the apartment in Santa Marta is "outside" - as if the man Bergoglio were afraid he would not know what to do once he were left alone, as pope, in the apartment of the popes, is not positive. And the thing could not last. Even the media will get tired of supporting a pope who needs them too much." Read the whole text here

"The secret of the popularity of Francis is in the generosity with which he concedes to the expectations of “modern culture” and in the shrewdness with which he dodges that which could become a sign of contradiction." Read the whole text here

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