woensdag, mei 30, 2018

Interessante quote

Ross Douthat: "...a religion that claims to be divinely established cannot persuade without a lot of fascination, and far too much of that has been given up, consigned to the museum, as Western Catholicism has traced its slow decline."

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zaterdag, mei 26, 2018

Prophetic words 2.0

Aartsbisschop Charles J. Chaput: "What happens in Germany will not stay in Germany. History has already taught us that lesson once." Source.

vrijdag, mei 04, 2018

Prophetic words

Cardinal Jean-Baptiste-François Pitra OS.B. (1812-1889)

"Quoi. Convoquer un concile! Mais les théologiens français et allemands 
viendraient bouleverser nos Congrégations"
Source: Carlo Snider, Pio IX nella luce dei processi canonici 
(Studi Piani 8, Città del Vaticano, 1992, p. 84)