maandag, november 13, 2017

Twee verschillende werelden

Peter Kwasniewski noteert de inhoudelijke verschillen tussen de collecta van de gewone en de buitengewone vorm aan de hand van een vergelijkende analyse van de collecta voor Albertus de Grote en anderen tussen september 18 en oktober 18.
Deze analyse bevestigt wat wij in het verleden geschreven hebben over Albertus hier, en hier en hier.
Kwasniewski concludeert:
All of the above, mind you, are Collects from a one-month period, namely, September 18 to October 19. Do we detect a pattern? Yes, without a doubt. The dogmatic and disciplinary freight of the lex orandi is unmistakable. The liturgy is asking the Lord for a specific attitude of contemptus mundi, which St. Albert all the more impressively illustrates precisely because he is a scholar, author, scientist, naturalist, and man of affairs who has nevertheless held firm to the primacy of the kingdom of heaven. Century after century, collect after collect, the liturgy lucidly expressed and tirelessly inculcated this lofty vision of man’s vocation, the finality of the celestial fatherland, and the relativity of earthly affairs — until the 1960s, when Progress built a home for itself in a Church that had once anathematized the statement: “The Roman Pontiff can, and ought to, reconcile himself, and come to terms with progress, liberalism, and modern civilization.”

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