vrijdag, februari 02, 2018

The scientific activities of Father Leo Elders svd

This is our seventh installment in our series of yearly updates on the scientific activities of Father Leo Elders svd.

We are happy to announce that Father Elders’ retirement from teaching as of June 2016 (see our post here) has not resulted in his retirement from researching and writing on St. Thomas.

In 2016 the French translation of his Dutch book Thomas van Aquino. Over hoofdthema’s van het christelijk geloof was published as Entrer dans les mystères de la foi avec saint Thomas d’Aquin by Les Presses universitaires de l’IPC in Paris.

He also prepared the English translation of his Thomas d’Aquin et ses prédécesseurs which will be published shortly by The Catholic University of America Press and is entitled Thomas Aquinas and his predecessors : the philosophers and the church fathers in his works.

Most of his time, however, has been devoted to writing a new book in which he investigates all of Aquinas’ commentaries on Aristotle and discuses Aquinas’ interpretation of Aristotle’s text. Originally written in English, he prepared a French version which has been published  under the title Aristote et Thomas d’Aquin (Les Presses universitaires de l’IPC, Paris, 2018, 650 p. ISBN 979-10-93043-23-4). The English original is scheduled to be published in 2018 as well.

Currently he is preparing articles on St. Ambrose in Aquinas’ works and the Alexandrian (Athanasius and Cirillus) and Cappadocian Fathers (Basil, Gregory of Nanzianze and Gregory of Nyssa) in the works of St. Thomas.

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