maandag, april 24, 2006

Wat zal Benedictus XVI doen?

Zal Paus Benedictus XVI kunnen weerstaan aan de druk en een even moedige beslissing nemen als Paulus VI betreffende "Humanae vitae"?
De conclusie van dit artikel zegt het goed:
"It remains to be seen how the incoming papal regime of Benedict XVI will deal with the rising clamour for change on the teaching on condoms. If it is to make any
progress, it should begin by articulating the terms of the condom/AIDS debate as one
of moral philosophy and theology, not of statistics. There has been a temptation in
recent discussion to rely too heavily on an empirical critique of condom effectiveness, citing a credible line of evidence that condom campaigns have largely failed to stem the march of AIDS and that fidelity and abstinence-only programs have succeeded.
While such a critique will always have a place, it is vulnerable, as are all empirical arguments, to the ebb and flow of statistical data. In any case, supporters of condom usage can always come up with hypothetical examples that are rightly analysed on the level of philosophical and theological principle.
In the benighted days ahead, orthodox Catholics will need to be less coy in admitting
that their opposition to condom use is, as its critics allege, independent, ultimately, of physical health and life considerations, and based firmly on the principle articulated by Socrates, that “it is better to suffer than to do wrong”. Such a position is at direct loggerheads with modernity. Hatred of the Church for its so-called “intransigence” is certain to escalate when the teaching is finally promulgated. But the only way forward for loyal Catholics and their allies in this battle is to dig deep and face the modern world with confidence, example, and loving candour. Although not the most comfortable option, this will be the surest and shortest path to its conversion"

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