zondag, november 29, 2009

Thomistisch nieuws

Prof. Enrique Alarcon van het Corpus Thomisticum - project in Pamplona heeft zonet de databank van secundaire literatuur over Sint-Thomas en het thomisme online beschikbaar gesteld.
www.corpusthomisticum.org/bt . Deze handig te doorzoeken databank bevat momenteel reeds meer dan 21000 titels waarvan velen daarvan een samenvatting en/of recensie bieden.

Een ander hulpmiddel is de heruitgave van het Lexicon van Deferrari en anderen.
De uitgever zegt terecht: "Dr. Deferrari’s monumental 1200 page Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas is that ready guide! Based on the greatest of the doctor communis’ works, as outlined in the Foreword, each word as it appears in the Summa Theologica (et al) is followed by the different English meanings with which it is used, followed in turn by some illustrations of its use in each meaning taken from the works of St. Thomas."

Tot slot, voor wie Sint-Thomas als exegeet wil leren kennen (of zich gewoonweg wil voorbereiden op de Schriftlezingen in de H. Mis) is er de Catena Aurea-heruitgave:
"Compiling the works of the Early Church Fathers (over 80 are featured!), the Angelic Doctor presents a comprehensive and erudite exegesis of the Scriptural books that specifically recount the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The English translation of the original Latin text contained in this set is especially noteworthy as it was edited by JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (1801-1890), who is to be beatified this year. The work of several years, though first published in 1842, this accurate translation has stood the test of time and is still cherished by serious students of the Holy Gospels. In fact Newman co-wrote in one of the Catena’s introductions that while previous ecclesiastical writers had also compiled such Patristic texts, nevertheless "...they [the earlier compositions] are very inferior to the Catena Aurea..."

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