dinsdag, oktober 06, 2015

The activities of Leo Elder s.v.d. - Fifth Installment

This is the fifth installment in our series of yearly updates on the scientific endeavors of the Dutch Thomist Leo Elders s.v.d.

The most significant event in the period under review (Fall 2014-Fall 2015) was undoubtedly the publication in February 2015 of his latest book, entitled: Thomas d'Aquin et ses prédécesseurs. La présence des grands philosophes et Pères de l’Église dans les oeuvres de Thomas d'Aquin. In this 400 page book Leo Elders gives a detailed account of the way in which Aquinas used the main philosophical and theological sources at his disposal, starting from the ‘Platonici’ until Maimonides and including the Church Fathers Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory.
The summer of 2015 was almost entirely spend at translating the book into English, a translation which is currently under review with an American publisher.

Apart from his usual teaching assignments at the Major Seminary Rolduc, the Major Seminary of the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam, the Institut du Philosophie Comparée in Paris, he taught at the Abbaye Notre Dame de Sept Fons and attended the annual session of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas at the Vatican in June 2015.

Other publications include:
‘La Sagrada Biblia en la teología de Santo Tomás de Aquino’, in: Milén F. (Eds.) Revelación, Escritura, Interpretación. Estudios en honor del Prof. D. Gonzalo Aranda Pérez., Pamplona, Eunsa 2014, 263-281.
‘Christopher Dawson’, in: Studia Gilsoniana 3 (2014), 7-19.
 ‘The Presence of the Church Fathers in Aquinas’ Commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of John’, in: Roszak, P. & Vijgen, J. (Eds.), Reading Sacred Scriptures with Thomas Aquinas. Hermeneutical Tools, Theological Questions and New Perspectives, Turnhout, Brepols 2015, 257-286 (Textes et Etudes du Moyen Âge 80)

He is currently finishing an introduction into the theology of St. Thomas which will appear in French and in Dutch in 2016. He will also contribute to a volume by the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas on the most important works of 20th century Thomist with a contribution on Joseph Gredt osb.

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