maandag, augustus 21, 2006

Hoe comfortabel is het christelijk geloof?

"In conclusion, it strikes me that if we look at Islam, the other religions, the decline of population, the Western philosophical theories behind much of the modern world, we come back to the single issue of a refusal, at almost any cost, to acknowledge that faith and reason belong together. The crux of this belonging is a correct understanding of God in the Trinity and God and man in the Incarnation. When the Holy Father told the newly ordained in St. Peter’s that the Church can ”never be satisfied with the ranks she has reached at a certain point, or say that others are fine as they are,” he could not have not also known of von Balthasar’s sheep among wolves. This too is a passage in Scripture, after all. The passage is clarified by von Balthasar’s comment that “humanity will prefer to renounce all philosophic questions, rather than accept a philosophy which finds its final response only in the revelation of Christ.”
Dit citaat stamt uit dit essay van James V. Schall. Hier kan u het volledige essay lezen.

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