zondag, november 06, 2011

Cappafobie! Nog altijd in de Lage Landen

Wij konden helaas vandaag niet in de St. Agneskerk zijn! Maar zo te horen is ons artikel uit 2008 over "cappafobie" nog altijd actueel!
Of nog:
"The capa magna does indeed represent the finery of the world, its power and prestige. That is why after his entrance wearing it, the prelate is publicly stripped of this finery and humbled before the congregation. Then, vestment by vestment, the bishop is clothed in the new man of which St Paul speaks, including the baptismal alb, the dalmatic of charity, the stole of pardon and the chasuble of mercy. When finally clothed in Christ, the prelate makes a second entrance into the church to begin the eucharistic celebration in persona Christi, the visible head of the body, the church.
It was a clear statement that the power and prestige of the world have no place at the altar, but it is expressed in a liturgical ritual or symbol, which, unfortunately, are often lacking in the contemporary rites and thus hard to grasp." (Bron)
Met dank aan Zijne Eminentie Kardinaal Burke, onze studenten en oud-studenten daar aanwezig en alle organisatoren van deze hemelse gebeurtenis!

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