vrijdag, februari 20, 2009

De buitengewone vorm in de parochie

Reeds eerder hebben we over dit thema bericht. Bij wijze van voorbereiding op de conferentie in Herzogenrath 2729 maart 2009, staat ons nu de prachtige tekst van father Finigan ter beschikking "Sacred and Great". Voor wie er rustig wil bij gaan zitten.
Het slot luidt als volgt:
"One day we will agree on the Liturgy. That will be the day when we are fully, consciously and actively participating in the heavenly liturgy described by St John in the Apocalyse. Before then, we will probably all have to spend some time in purgatory where St Justin, St Gregory and St Pius X will patiently explain to our acute embarrassment where we were wrong. In the meantime, let us unite under the inspiring leadership of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict who, like the scribe trained for the Kingdom of Heaven, brings out of his store what is old and what is new."

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